Soul Tree Pure Rose Toning Mist


  • Soul Tree


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This gentle alcohol-free toner with rose water and witch hazel water helps the skin detoxify by unclogging and tightening its pores. The hydrating effects of Aloe Vera soothe and repair the skin by maintaining its natural moisture balance. Clean and pat dry your face. Saturate cotton balls and dab on the face and neck, or spray directly from a distance. Avoid contact with eyes.

Enriched with deep hydrating and soothing properties of Aloe vera, witch hazel and rose water. It cleanses, moisturises and refreshers the skin in a completely new way. It increases your skin hydration and soothes the skin giving you a fresh look every time.

- Certified by BDIH Germany
- Contains no paraben/harmful chemicals

This product is applicable for normal to dry skin.

Net Quantity:75 ml