Haritaki extrakt capsules


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Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) is one of the three main ingredients of a well known Ayurvedic preparation Triphala. This herb is highly valued in Ayurvedic as well as Tibetan medicine. Because of it, Haritaki caries the name „King of herbs“.

Haritaki contains five out of six Ayurvedic tastes, all but salty taste. It is rich with glicosides, including triterpen, galic acid, tanins, elagin acid, flavonoids, sterols and other. According to one research, Haritaki has bigger concentrations of fenols than any other plant.

If used properly, it can balance any of the three doshas, although it is mostly used for balancing Vata disorders. For Vata disorders it is best used with ghee, for Pitta disorders with sugar and for Kapha disorders with rock salt.

Haritaki is good for all three doshas, but it is especcially usefull for Vata dosha which it balances best. It is also excellent for Prana and all seven dhatuas and it has purifying properties.

Packaging: 120 capsules