Guduchi Ekstrakt Kapsule


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Guduchi is one of the most appreciated herbs in Ayurveda and its meaning is „the one who protects“. It is known also as Amrit or the nectar of eternety.

Modern research confirmed its extraordinary properties as an adaptogen or a substance that helps the body to adjust to stress and resist it. Guduchi has a wide effect and, among other things, it has been used as one of the best herbs for longevity.

For Vata disorders use with ghee, for Pitta disorders with suger and for Kapha disorders use with honey. It is also considered one of the bitter tonics and, depending on the wanted effect, it is combined with other Ayurvedic herbs.

Guduchi is good for all three doshas, but it is especially usefull for Pitta dosha which it balanses the best. It is also excellent for building the Ojas in the body and all seven dhatuas.

Packaging: 120 capsules